The Animated Sitcom




I haven’t paid much attention to the animated sitcom, and today, I’d like to change that. The animated sitcom functions in many of the same ways that a live action does. The lessons they teach and the cultural representations they portray are similar to their live action counterparts. The biggest difference between the two styles of sitcom is the exaggeration of characters. Animated sitcom characters tend to be more archetypal than their live action counterparts. Continue reading The Animated Sitcom


The Evolution of the Sitcom Family

Sitcoms have been around for over 60 years, and if there’s one thing that has remained tried and true, it’s the building of a sitcom around a family. However, the families we used to see, and the families on air now aren’t exactly the same as they once were. We’ll be taking a look at how the sitcom family has changed over the years and what has remained the same. Continue reading The Evolution of the Sitcom Family

The Cosby Case

Or should I say cases? Many of us remember Bill Cosby as the goofy father Cliff Huxtable on “The Cosby Show.” But with the resurfacing of allegations of sexual assault against Mr. Cosby, the most difficult part of being a fan of a celebrity and/or his/her character is reconciling the idea that an actor is not the character he or she plays on television.

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Hello Mother, Hello Father: A Look at America’s First Sitcom

“Mary Kay and Johnny”

It was the name of the game, and even the name of the writers/actors. “Mary Kay and Johnny” was the first American sitcom, airing in 1947 (the first sitcom ever was Pinwright’s Progress, which aired in Britain in 1946), and it, much like many sitcoms, broke barriers beyond simply being the first televised sitcom, including being filmed in front of a live audience, showing a married couple sharing the same bed, and showing a pregnant woman on television. But I’d like us to keep in mind that these had broader implications than just defining the show itself. Breaking barriers established a precedent for future sitcoms to come.

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The Sitcom and You: A Reflective History

Think back a long time ago to a channel far, far away.

Think TV Land but to a time when those shows were on a primetime lineup. What always comes to my mind first is the ideal, middle-class family, and every episode, that family experiences some hiccup that is pithily resolved over the course of 30 minutes. Though there are many sitcoms airing that reflect America’s societal values in this same way, the families, the values, and the hiccups have changed in tandem with our society. Continue reading The Sitcom and You: A Reflective History